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Nova Performance Weekly Blog

by Adam Smith on Jul 27, 2021

What is the British Virtual Championships?

This is the biggest event for weightlifting in the whole of Britain.

This year it was taken online due to COVID-19. Due to this anyone across Britain could enter and compete in this competition.

Usually it is the top 8 in each category who can fight it out to be the best in Britain and claim the British Championships.

Results and Rankings

Let's start with the junior lifter’s then work up to the masters. There are many categories but we will go into this another time.

Adam Smith - U23’s 102s won Gold with a 257kg Total - 121/136

Adam opened up with 114kg then moving on to a 118kg Snatch, what was a +1 kg PB (Personal best) then onto his third attempt what was 121kg +4kg PB

Then moving onto Clean and Jerks, Adam opened with a 130kg, then moving onto 136kg and 142kg. The 142kg was a no lift due to the recording of weights after the lift.

Giving a total of 257kg and a Sinclair of 285.

Dale Hollingsworth - U23s 109+ won Gold with a 205kg Total - 90/115

Dale opened up with a 80kg snatch, before lifting 85kg to then move onto a 90kg Snatch. This moved super well and we were happy with how it flew above his head!

For Clean and Jerks Dale lifted 110kg / 115kg and then attempted 120kg but missed the lift due to pressing out in the elbows in the Jerk.

Therefore achieving a 205kg total and a Sinclair of 211

Moving forward to the Seniors

Alister Hines - SEN U89s placed 4th with a 223kg Total - 103/120

Ali opened up with a 95kg Snatch, to match his PB. Then moved onto 100kg snatch. What was an absolute pleasure to watch as his reaction was priceless. There was so much passion in the man. The 3rd and final attempt was 103kg.

Clean and Jerks Ali opened up with 120kg then Attempted 123kg and 128kg but received 3 red lights due to lock out in the elbows in both lifts.

Ali got a 223kg total with a sinclair of 270.

Mike England - SEN u102s Placed 5th with a 167kg Total - 72/95

Mike started the day with a 65kg Snatch, then completing a 70kg and then a 72kg (again massive PB!) Nice to finally say that mike now moves like a weightlifter and hasn't got a mental barrier on snatches.

We will go into mental approaches to lifts in another blog, as this places a massive role to your training.

Moving to Clean and Jerks next. Mike Completed all 3 lifts with a 85kg/92kg/95kg

Mike received a 167kg total and a Sinclair of 184,

Mike Mckenna - SEN 109+ Placed 4th with a 157kg Total - 72/85

Mike achieved all 3 Snacthes with 65kg/70kg/72kg

Again PB from floor from big Mike.

With the Clean and Jerks I believe Mike got marked harshly and he only hit 85kg. Mike’s 92kg and 100kg got disallowed for elbow lockout on the Jerks but these 2 lifts looked no different to the 85kg good lift. But rules are rules, and the judge has the final say.

Mike got a total of 157 and a Sinclair of 160.

Moving on to the females now.

Mariah McAhren - SEN U64s placed 10th with a 123kg Total - 53/70

Mariah Opened with a 48kg Snatch to then move onto 50kg and 53kg.

On Clean and Jerks Mariah completed 63kg/66kg +1kg Pb and then 70kg +5kg PB!

We then had a cheeky attempt at 72kg. Smashed the clean with ease. Missed the Jerk. These things happen. But solid effort!

Mariah got a total of 123kg and A Sinclair of 166.

Lily Yu - Masters 35-39 U59s Placed 4th with a 122kg Total - 56/66

Lily Started with a 53kg snatch, 56kg Matching PB, But this moved insanely fast.

Lily then achieved a 58kg Snatch but got called for a press out. Again harsh but you can't argue with the judge.

With Clean and Jerks Lily opened up with a 63kg, then hit 66kg again matching PB. Same as the Snatch hit got a 68kg Clean and Jerk but got called for elbows again.

Lily got a total of 122kg and Sinclair of 133.

Pleased to say that everyone SMASHED this comp and can’t wait for the next one!

Well done to everyone involved.


I hope you enjoyed the read and stay posted for the next one, I aim to get one out weekly so stay tuned. If you have any questions just shoot me an email on

If you want to see some of my training logs and videos follow me on Instagram @thicc__astley

See you all soon!

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