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by Adam Smith on Sep 22, 2021

Training Environment.

Training Environment is where a bunch of like minded people train together to achieve results.

I will often say to a lot of lifters that TRAINING PARTNERS ALWAYS TRUMP PROGRAMMING.

So why do I say this?

When training is going well it's easy to turn up and put the work in as we are having fun and seeing progression.

However it’s not the same deal when training gets tough and we have to grind out reps and keep turning up week in, week out.

A good training partner or good training environment will make this more pleasurable for one, but they will also hold you accountable.

Examples of this is when your technique might be a bit off, they will tell you and help you sort that out, you might need a bit of hype to grind out a heavy set or even make you do your accessories. There are so many ways to explain why this is so important.

But as much as a training partner will push you, they should also tell you when to stop or advise you to drop the load on the bar.


A program is a list of exercises that should be done in order.

Now usually this is laid out like this: A warm up, Activation, Main Lifts and Accessories to support the main lifts.

These are all important, but we usually focus most of our energy onto the main part of the work out.

Now these can be generic programs or you can get coaches who personalise these for you and make them around your goals.

No matter what, in my eyes, you need a program when training. This is so that you can see progression and keep a log on what you are doing.

When you complete a program you will see there is some kind of progressive overload involved. If there isn’t then RUN!!! That coach or gym is just taking your money and NOT helping you.

It can be so easy to over or under train when not writing things down and keeping records. Also if you suddenly increase all your numbers you can see what's causing that. So therefore you can repeat that process until it no longer works.


Bottom line is that if you have a good environment you are going to turn up and put in more work. A program keeps your training specific and focused towards your goals. So if we have both then this is perfect!

But if i had to pick one over the other, i will always say the training environment outweighs programs.


I hope you enjoyed the read and stay posted for the next one. If you have any questions just shoot me an email on

If you want to see some of my training logs and videos follow me on Instagram @thicc__astley or @npbarbellclub

See you all soon!

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