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"Great gym - serious work-outs that get results in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Adam is motivating, has a wealth of knowledge and commitment to helping you reach your goal.  It's not a gym just for the superfit as everyone is encouraged and supported in their own goals by Adam and fellow members of the gym."


"Nova Performance is a fantastic wee gym where the atmosphere is friendly and encouraging. Adam - the owner - is a phenomenal coach and PT and I have joined in dozens of his small group classes alongside weekly PT sessions. Having previously never even touched a barbell, In the space of a year Adam has taken me from an incredibly unfit person who lacked any confidence in her own ability, to someone who is now in love with training and everyday can’t wait to get back into the gym. With Adam’s coaching and support, I have smashed numerous goals and will hopefully be ready to enter my first weightlifting competition by the end of 2020!"


"Adam has created a really fun environment in which to train. As someone who had not  been a gym environment regularly for many years I was surprised to find how welcoming and unprentencious it was. I love attending and whilst the training is serious, I really like the way he goes about it and the people come to his sessions too."


"I have always struggled to stay motivated and stick to a exercise regime. I’ve been attending 3-4 classes a week with Adam for 9 months and in that time my strength, mobility and physique have all noticeably improved but most of all, I’m still going!! It’s not just a gym, it’s a community of people who WANT to support you and encourage you. If you want a gym that feels more like family with no judging or ego’s then Nova Performance is the one."


"Nova performance for me, is not only a gym where I can learn new skills and better myself physically, but also a home from home. It never feels like a chore going to train when the atmosphere is made to feel fun. With Personal trainers that get to know their clients so they can help them individually and the best possible equipment."

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